Fees for Psychological Therapy and Treatment

The full fee for a 50 minute psychology session is $190.00 (no GST applies).   Rebates may be available via Medicare or your private health insurer.

The Medicare rebate for a standard 50 minute session is $126.50, in which case the post-rebate net cost is $63.50.

To claim the Medicare rebate, you must have a current Mental Health Plan from your GP.  No Medicare rebate is available without a Mental Health Plan.

Some patients may be eligible for a reduced-gap fee of $150.00 ($126.50 Medicare rebate applies, so a net cost of $23.50).  Eligibility for a reduced-gap fee is determined on a case-by-case basis and should not be assumed.   There are limited appointments available each week for reduced-fee clients.

Medicare rebates do not apply for psychological reports, which are always charged at the Australian Psychological Society rates (see below).   Reporting fees do not apply to standard letters to GPs as per Medicare reporting requirements.  No fees apply for standard letters to GPs.

Please note that appointments made outside of normal business hours (930am – 530pm Monday to Friday) are available at times, but will be charged at the full fee rate.

DVA Clients

Medicare automatically assigns a DVA Provider ID to psychologists registered as Medicare providers.  However, we do not accept DVA cards.   Anyone eligible for a DVA white or gold card (and any serving member and their family) is eligible for services under the OpenArms (VVCS) program.   There are likely to be more OpenArms Service Providers available than DVA providers due to provider fees being more aligned with current market rates, and a wide range of counsellors with varied skill sets are available across the Newcastle region for couples, individuals, and families.  Anyone seeking a referral to an OpenArms counsellor can contact their service 24 hours per day on 1800 011 046.   Hunter Valley Psychology is not currently a provider for OpenArms but their services are recommended for all who are eligible for them.

 Offsite and Home Visits

Offsite and home visits may be available within the Stockton/Fern Bay area, at the psychologist’s discretion, in cases where mobility issues prevent attendance onsite.

Telehealth Sessions

Medicare has approved delivery of psychology services via video-conferencing for clients living in specified rural and remote areas, as defined by the Modified Monash Model (Areas 4 to 7).  Some towns around Newcastle fall into these qualifying regions, including Nelson Bay, Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens, Dungog, and the upper Hunter Valley from Singleton and beyond.  The initial session is usually still conducted face-to-face but some subsequent sessions can be delivered using secure video-conferencing technology.   Charges and Medicare rebates are the same as for face-to-face psychological treatment.

No Show Fees and Late Cancellations

The no-show fee for missed appointments (where little or no notice is given) is the same as the agreed session fee.   A lesser late cancellation fee equivalent to the Medicare rebate ($126.50) is charged for cancellations where notice of non-attendance is given but less than 24 hours notice is provided.  Cancellations with more than 24 hours notice do not incur any cancellation fees.

Please note that you will not be able to re-book for another session until any outstanding no-show fees have been paid in full.

SMS Reminders

SMS reminders are sent out to all clients with a mobile phone at approximately 9am on the day preceding your appointment.   This gives all clients the opportunity to provide notice of non-attendance without incurring any cancellation fees.   However, these messages are provided as a courtesy only.   SMS is a somewhat unreliable technology and delivery failures are not uncommon (although our system confirms successful delivery).   Tracking appointment dates and times is the responsibility of the client, and failure to receive an SMS is not considered sufficient reason for any no-show fee to be waived.

Medico-Legal Reports

Preparation of reports for legal purposes are charged at the rate recommended by the Australian Psychological Society, currently $241 per hour plus GST.   Test materials are sometimes included at no additional charge, or will be passed on at per-unit cost if the necessary materials are not part of the existing test library.

The typical cost for preparation of a comprehensive legal report is $1,650 (GST Inclusive), not including psychological assessment or travel costs.

A deposit of 50 percent of the quoted price is required before the report is written, and balance of payment is required at time of report delivery.

 Cognitive Assessments and Reports

Cognitive assessments (typically undertaken for educational purposes)  are charged according to the time taken to administer the tests and costs of report generation (tests can be scored automatically).  The cost of any test materials is included in the quoted price.  Please note that psychological reports attract GST, unlike psychological therapy.  Please contact us if you would like to find out more about cognitive/IQ testing services.

Please note that copies of reports will not be provided to any third party until the report has been paid for in full.


All Fees are subject to change, but notice of any fee changes will be discussed with current patients prior to any fee increase being applied.





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