Medicare rebates for Telehealth Psychology Services

In 2017, the Federal Government approved Medicare rebates for Telehealth psychology services for people living in rural and regional areas, specifically those defined by the Modified Monash Model Areas 4 to 7.  In the Newcastle area, this meant people living in places such as Nelson Bay, Tea Gardens, Singleton, and Dungog, could access Telehealth services.  But there was a ‘gotcha’ in the deal – 3 out of 10 sessions in a calendar year had to be conducted face-to-face, including the first session.   This is undoubtedly the best way to manage Telehealth services where possible – but in response the the drought and the mental health impacts this is having on Australians living in remote communities, the government has now abolished the requirement that *any* sessions be conducted face-to-face.  The entire process can be managed online.  Please note Medicare rebates apply for videoconferencing services only. Phone conferencing is not included.

What you will need: 

  • A valid Mental Health Plan from your GP (if you want to claim the Medicare rebate).
  • A computer, phone, or tablet with videocam and microphone.
  • A decent internet connection (NBN or ADSL2+ recommended).
  • A printer and scanner so you can scan, sign and return documents as needed.

If you are interested in using Telehealth please send a message via the contact page and we can arrange an initial short session to test the technology works, get some paperwork sorted, and to schedule one or more future sessions.  Please note that Telehealth may not be suitable for every individual – suitability will depend on your individual circumstances and presenting issues.

Please note:  We are currently using the ConnectMe platform, which is an Australian-run highly secure video-conferencing service. There is no additional cost to you, the client, for use of that service.   Skype is not considered a secure platform and so it is not used for that reason.

More information about the Modified Monash Model (check if you are in Areas 4 to 7):

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